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3x7 Matrix Residual Bonuses

3x7 Matrix Residual Benefits

80 % of all month-to-month recurring BV goes to the Matrix and also recurring codes 20 % visits reward programs.

New IA's are eligible to earn recurring payments if certified. New IA's will be positioned in your matrix. The Power Matrix design is a 3x7 Forced Matrix. That implies when qualified, it'ses a good idea 3 degrees broad by 7 degrees deep. In a 3x7 matrix, each level triples in size starting with 3 on your first degree and also 9 on your 2nd level, third level amounts to 27, and so on.

To be "certified," you have to be an active IA. If for any sort of factor you do not meet the minimum demand for certification at the end of any sort of offered month, you will not be paid.
When you follow our tried and tested education and learning as well as marketing systems, 

when your matrix payments are enough to spend for your month-to-month registration fee, we will instantly deduct it from your Paycation Payment Program check, so you will never ever pay "Out-of-Pocket" - That's Unbelievable!

The $29.95 month-to-month IA Paycation Trip Club cost brings a 15 BV.

The $59.95 RTC and also CTC month-to-month charge delivers a 50.00 BV.

(The matrix pay starts in your 2nd month with your initial month-to-month settlement).

Matrix Residual Reward buck quantity paid on each degree, each.

Level 1 -
Level 2 -
Level 3 -
Level 4 -
Level 5 -
Level 6 -
Level 7 -
Energetic IA's with 1 personally registered RTC or seniority qualify for levels 1 via 4. Energetic RTC's or seniority with 3 personally registered active RTC's or seniority qualify for 5 levels of the matrix. 

Energetic RTC's or seniority with 6 personally signed up active RTC's or seniority gain on level 6 and also are qualified for a 10 % suit on matrix compensations made by their personally enlisted RTC's or higher rank. Active RTC's or higher rank with 10 directly registered active RTC's or higher rank earn on level 7.

Regional energetic RTC's or seniority gain 8 % Matrix match on all revenues by RTC's or seniority coded to them.

* Matrix Matching Rewards paid on $30.00 payment and also greater.
Very merely, in a 3x7 required matrix, a max of three IA's fall on your front line, and all various other IA's signed up by you or those over you are compelled down to your second level and past - called "spillover." When those below you sign up IA's, they also could simply have 3 on their front line, so all others "spillover" to the following level. In the event that an Independent Partner (IA) in your matrix is Cancelled or Cancelled your matrix will dynamically press bringing people from straight listed below the afflicted position up higher in your pay line.

RTC as well as CTC Ranking Credentials as well as Benefits.


You need to be an active RTC or CTC with a minimum of 3 (3) directly Registered active RTC's or CTC's. Executive's are qualified to earn recurring coded rewards.

Regional Exec.

You should be an active Exec with a minimum of 6 (6) individual active RTC's or higher rank registered. As a Regional Executive you now gain Recurring Matching Coded Bonus offers on all the coded bonus offers your personally registered RTC's or greater earn. Qualified to qualify for the Regional Gemstone Group.

National Exec.

You must be an energetic Regional Exec with a minimum of 10 (10) personal energetic RTC's or higher rank. Eligible for all the benefits of a local plus earn a company builder coded perk beginning with your 7th RTC or CTC leg. The home builder bonus offer resembles the regular coded benefit except your code is on the first six rather than the initial two enrollees in your 7th leg and also every individual leg after that. Qualified to get the National Precious stone Group.

International Exec.

You need to be an active National Executive with a minimum of fifteen (15) individual active RTC's or seniority and have a minimum of 3 energetic National Executives or higher rank in enrollment legs. (Only 1 National counts per leg). Qualified for a $600.00 buck Month-to-month Way of living Benefit * A leg starts with each directly signed up IA. (The 3 National Execs or seniority do not need to be directly signed up). Qualified to get the International Ruby Group.

Presidential Exec.

You must be an active International Exec with a minimum of twenty (20) personal energetic RTC's or higher rank as well as have a minimum of 3 active International Execs or higher rank in enrollment legs, only one International per leg counts. Eligible for a $1000.00 buck Month-to-month Way of living Incentive. * A leg begins with each personally registered IA. (The 3 International Executives or higher rank do not have to be directly enlisted). Eligible to qualify for the Presidential Ruby Group.

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